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The TM Flow is the newest & most clinically versatile Autonomic Nervous Systems (ANS) System to be introduced to the medical community. It is a groundbreaking platform that provides your doctor with valuable information about the potential degradation of function that could result from a chronic health condition such as diabetes.

These tests are painless, non-invasive, and usually only take around 7-10 minutes.  The informationis used to detect nerve damage and peripheral vascular disease (PAD) due to various medical conditions that we can review with you.Also, the TM-Flow System helps us differentiate between vascular from neuropathic symptoms.

The test includes Galvanic Skin Response, blood pressure, SpO2 (Oxygen Saturation) percent, and, last but not least, heart rate. The TM-Flow system provides users with vital sign mathematical evaluations that offer invaluable insight into your health.  Quick, insightful and innovative, these tests are a great asset in your chronic care management. 

TM Flows are prescribed by a physician here at Riverview Medical Associates and can be scheduled anytime during the week. 

Talk to one of our physicians at your next appointment to see if you are a candidate!