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Here at Riverview Medical Associates, P.A. we have a Quest designated drawing station to help further meet the needs of our patients.  Many can walk out of their appointments and immediately be seen by the lab, eliminating the need to hunt down another lab, make an appointment, wait for a week and waste valuable time and energy.  It’s simply another service we offer to help meet your healthcare needs. 

Laboratory services are an integral part of the practice of internal medicine and its sub-specialties. We provide standard testing of cholesterol, lipid studies, prostate specific antigen testing, thyroid studies, liver and kidney function analysis and complete blood count analysis. We can also test for various inflammatory processes such as rheumatoid arthritis and other connective tissue diseases. We perform rapid turnaround time prothrombin times for the management of patients on anticoagulation with Coumadin (Warfarin).

It is our policy to promptly notify patients of the results of their laboratory tests either by telephone or by written communication. Some of the doctors may also be able to fax or email results if requested by individual patients. Laboratory information is used in treatment and monitoring of various different disease states and in the primary prevention of multiple disorders. Cholesterol screening, prostate screening, and screening for diabetes can all be powerful aids to the physician in providing guidance in regards to risk factor reduction for various disease states.

* Please note that the laboratory rules, for both the state of New Jersey as well as nationally, require that we may only do laboratory work ordered by Riverview Medical Associates physicians on patients of Riverview Medical Associates.