Nurse Practitioners

According to the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP), Nurse Practitioners, or NPs as they are sometimes referred, are trained, licensed and independent healthcare clinicians concentrated on managing patient's health conditions including treating injuries and illnesses, as well as supporting prevention. 

A little information about our highly qualified nurse practitioners (NPs):

  • Nurse Practitioners are Board-Certified, can diagnose illnesses, prescribe medication and order tests, and they work in nearly every healthcare setting and medical specialty.
  • Becoming a certified NP requires completing 500 classroom hours and 500 to 700 clinical hours.
  • All NPs have master’s degrees, and many have doctorate degrees, as well as advanced education and clinical training.
  • Americans make over 1.06 billion visits to NPs every year!
  • NPs have been around since 1965 and today there are more than 290,000 licensed in the US alone!

Our NPs are accepting new patients and looking forward to caring for you!


More information about Nurse Practitioners can be found here.